Department of Computer and Electronics & Communication Engineering

Guest Lectures


  • Practical Aspects of Network Infrastructure & System Administrator overview
    Er. Baburam Dawadi
    Asst. Professor, Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, IOE Pulchowk Campus, TU Nepal
    IOE                                                                     Senior System Operator, AI3/SOI-ASIA Project, WIDE University, Japan
    Recent Past:
    Asst. Director, Nepal Telecommunications Authority
  • A special presentation on Google Application Development
    Nepal Research and Education Network
  • Introduction to Embedded System & Electronics
    Er. Prajwal Acharya
    MSc (Intelligent Embedded System)
  • Wireless Networking in Rural Areas of Nepal (Live video conference)
    Mr. Mahabir Pun
    The Magsaysay Award Winner
    Chairman, Nepal Wireless
    Vice-President, Nepal Research & Education Network
  • Data Communication- Wi-MAX and optical fiber technology
    Er. Kumar Khanal
    Telecom Engineer
    Nepal Telecom
  • PHP server-side scripting language for web development (as front-end) & MySQL Open-Source Database (as back-end)
    Er. Ram Dutta Bhatta
    Computer Engineer, Department of Land Information & Archive
    Government of Nepal
  • Project Management in a Software Company
    Er. Sangeeta Sharma
    Project Manager
  • Television Broadcasting & Engineering
    Er. Rajiv Karki
    MCR Engineer
    Mountain Television
  • Modern Trends in Telecommunications
    Er. Ananda Raj Khanal
    Director and Officiating Chief
    Nepal Telecommunications Authority
  • Solar PV in Nepal (Scope & Opportunities)
    Prof. Dr. Jagan Nath  Shrestha
    Council Member
    Center for Energy Studies
    IOE, Tribhuvan University
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